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Aug 8, 2004
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Okay gotto write something. In the journal I want to submit to they have "text .... study by Joe shmoe et al.^1 showed ..." also have it as ".... study by Joe Shmoe et al. showed that .....concluded.^1

MY question is does the superscript go after the et al. or at the end of the sentence. Also other journals I'm reading have the et al. and others have et al w/o the period. One more question the et al. is some times italicized and some times is not depending on the journal, which way should I do it for an american journal.

Please help a brother out and try to get this dam thing done right. :scared:


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Jun 14, 2004
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Find an article in the journal you are submitting to and copy its style. et al. is typically puts in italics, but as you've discovered, no every author uses the same method. Also, some of the different writing styles you've encountered maybe due to personal preference, rather than a set format.