AMCAS/AACOMAS Submission Date and Completed Activity Hours

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Jul 30, 2019
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I saw that for AMCAS activities (currently ongoing), there isn’t an actual end date but a month and a year only.

Similarly for AACOMAS, I saw that if you put “current experience” you don’t put in an end date as well.

If I’m submitting early June, since there are no dates can I just put in the hours I would have completed by the end of June as well? For some activities this can add almost 30-40 hours (done daily), and I’d like to add them to the submitted app if possible.

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Then wait. Believe me, 30-40 hours isn't nearly as important to schools as it is to applicants.

That said, they are now breaking hours out between completed and projected, and your application will have a submission date attached to it. If you submit on 6/1 and include hours "projected" through 6/30 as completed, because the field only has a month and a year, you are lying. Will you get caught? Highly unlikely. Is there an audit trail that you included projected hours in completed? Yes.

The answer to your question is that you can do whatever you want, so it's "possible." But, no, you are not following their instructions by including hours anticipated through the end of the month in your completed hours submitted at the beginning of the month. You are lying to grab credit for an additional 30-40 hours, while not delaying your application until you have actually completed those hours.
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