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AMCAS experience/publications section


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Jun 4, 2001
Los Angeles
    Any advice on how many listings is appropriate for the following experience? Let's say I volunteered for a summer to shadow a physician, and also did a research project with the doc. Then I presented a poster at a conference, and then some months later published the paper in a journal. List it 3 times one as volunteer, poster, and publication? Or just once? Problem is that if I list it only once, the full citation of the work takes up almost all of the 500 characters so there is no room to describe anything else.


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    Mar 21, 2001
      I say list them all seperate. The adcoms need to get some sense for what you have done and it might be overlooked if you just put your volunteer work. Sounds like you have good experience though! :D
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      Apr 23, 2001
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        First of all.... WELCOME TO SDN!!! :)

        You do have to consider the amount of space. Do you have enough space for other things you want to mention after you put all 3 things are there separate endeavors? If not, then you might be forced to put them all in one whole spill.... You will have your chance to elaborate on your secondaries... I hope.... in most, not all.

        If you have enough room, I say go for putting in all three of them as seperate things.

        You don't want to compromise the other things you did just because you have no more space. Although, if you really thing you want to put these things separately then you have to decide not to put other things...

        Give and take, dude!!! Later, :cool:


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        May 21, 2001
          hey....i posted this elsewhere and thought it might be helpful on this thread also.


          here is interesting info from the AAMC website (this is from the FAQ section regarding the new 2002 web application. med school adcomms asked the questions and AAMC answered back):

          1. The 2002 section on Post-Secondary Experiences is too complicated. There's too much detail. It's way too cumbersome.

          "The project Advisory Committee and others believe that asking for the additional detail about each experience (e.g., who was your supervisor and so forth) will help to minimize the "inflation" that might result from the ease of entering experiences in the new web app."

          2. How about adding intramural sports to the drop down list?

          When the Advisory Committee first discussed adding athletic endeavors to the list of experience types, there was some concern that too open a category would lead applicants to enter their weekend pickup rugby game. So, we limited it to "intercollegiate athletics" recognizing the time commitment that intercollegiate activities represent. This decision was reconfirmed at the June 2000 Advisory Committee meeting."

          3. I suggest that the AAMC instruct applicants to list only those activities in which they have been most active. Limit to perhaps five.

          "This was discussed at one or more of the Advisory Committee meetings. Instead of limiting the list, the decision was to include very specific instructions to list only those that the applicant deems "significant." In addition, the assumption is that what and how many activities the applicant lists is telling to the admissions committee."

          4. Please get rid of the following: contact name, title, address, e-mail address, phone number.

          "Only Experience Type, Name/Title of the Experience, and Dates are required. All other fields in this area are optional, which will be clearly explained to applicants in the instructions. Many schools requested contact information to cut down on the "inflation" they see now in applicants' experiences."


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          Mar 23, 2001
            Originally posted by legi2000:
            •If I worked in a lab and got paid, where should I categorize it into?

            Research/Lab or Paid Employment?•

            I am in the same situation. I work in a lab for credit during the school year, and for money during summers. I listed it as Lab for the time during the years, and Paid during the summers.
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