Jul 29, 2011
Hey guys, I am applying to American Dental schools and I am from Canada.

I have a few questions however,

After my GPA was calculated they gave me:

BCP: Cumulative HOURS: 48.00 Inc+-: 3.44 W/O+-: 3.56
Science: Hours: 69.00 Inc+-:3.46 W/O+-:3.57
Non-Science Hours: 30.00 Inc+-: 2.7 W/O +-:2.70
Total: Hours: 99.00 Inc+-: 3.23 W/O: 3.30

what is BCP?

and do the American Dental Schools look at non-science courses?

What are the chances for me to get accepted into Boston, NYU with these stats?

I got AA 18 and RC 19 but I'm redoing the Canadian DAT in Nov.

Also, I don't have over 100 hours of shadowing, would that be a big strike against me?

Thanks everyone
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