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Jun 27, 2000

    I have been reading what some people have been writing about school in Europe, and, for the most part, all of it is true. It takes 6 years here (5 years of studying, 1 practical), and it is completely different than the States. Easier to get in, but hard and challenging to progress. They don't bend over backwards at all to help. They do try to weed you out.

    I would recommend those thinking about going abroad to really weigh the pros and cons. I personally think it is better to stay in the States, do whatever it takes to get in, and have to pay for the education, rather than uprooting your life, going to a foreign land, and starting from scratch. Additionally, you won't have as many headaches in the future with licensing!

    If anybody wants to contact me about school in Germany, go right ahead.

    Now maybe somebody can help me. I am only in my second semester, and would like some feedback from some further along the path of medicine. I have done a lot of research and acquired a lot of practical experience in medicine, and have only found one area of medicine I remotely enjoy - pediatrics. My dilemma lies in the fact that I now fully realize that I love the babies and children more than the actual science and medicine. I really find that I don't have a genuine interest in the science. Sure, I love the fact and thought of helping babies and children, yet........

    I'm wondering if I am missing something here? Are there others out there who feel the same way? Is it normal to not be to keen and gung ho about all the science, and just look at it as something you have to do ...? Or do you just become immune to the science after a while..?

    Am interested in hearing your responses!


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    Oct 4, 2000

      As another American in the Euro med system (Belgium) let me concur with what Pierre said. Europe is a nice place to live, but the education style is very different and challenging. The Belgium system is VERY hard and unlike the rest of Europe takes SEVEN years, not six (you can place out of some courses, the first year is mostly premed).

      On the positive side, there are absolutely NO - ZERO - NONE - admission requirements in Belgium... but passing your yearly exams is entirely up to you (about 50% of all students repeat at least one year due to failing exams). All of that said, I did make it, I am in my last year and am actually a high honors student now.

      In response to Pierre, I am wondering if the feeling of being less than thrilled about science isn't because of the teaching style in Germany and that you may have little clinical exposure in your program. I didn't realize I loved medicine into I was well into rotations which come only in the 5th year here. I found that the teaching style and atmosphere here did nothing to enhance my appreciation for learning medicine.



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      Jan 8, 2001
      Fl, U.S.A.
        I've heard lately that the four-year m.d. programs in the english language in polish universities are actually very good! Apparently there is one school with this program in krakow and one in pozan. Has anyone heard anything about these programs as well?
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