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American Student applying to Dental Schools in Europe?!?


New Member
10+ Year Member
Mar 4, 2008
  1. Pre-Dental
    hi there everyone. i am a sophomore in college right now, and i am really interested in going to dental school somewhere in europe! what requirements do i need to fulfill? i know some dental schools require you to pass their language exam..what are the schools that dont require that? also how many years is it to complete dentistry in those schools? its a pretty broad topic/question, but any input will really help. thank you!


    New Member
    10+ Year Member
    Mar 5, 2008
    1. Post Doc

      Leeds in Yorkshire, England has two Unis and is the party central of students and non students alike, they have a dental institute where from day one you will be seeing and treating patients, normaly people who cant get a NHS dentist as there is a shortage and about 12 million people including me dont have one, or people who cant afford to go private, even the NHS charges £18 (about $30 for a check up), even though you pay National insurance TAX so you can get free health care, but thats a different story!


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      5+ Year Member
      Feb 20, 2008
        This reply might be a little outdated but Im actually an american student in leeds dental school. I was wondering what steps I have to take to specialise in the states?

        La fea

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        May 6, 2008
        1. Dental Student
          You have to probably go through the grind like the rest of us. International program to get DDS and then a residency. Or some schools offer residency positions to internationally trained dentists (I did not say anything about citizenship) and you could explore that(somewhat limited) option.
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