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My school has divided all the organ systems into 3 Anatomy and Physiology classes, over 3 quarters. I am hoping that this will qualify for my Bio prereqs. The core Biology courses (there are 3 of them) have to do mostly with Form and Function in Plants and Animals. This might not be so useful for me from an MCAT point of view. I don't see why anyone who is a non-Bio major would take the Anatomy and Physiology classes, even though they are not for Bio majors alone. They do an in-depth analysis. Will I be fine in terms of 'prereqs' by taking those classes?

Any advice will be appreciated.


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Jan 17, 2001
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I am not exactly sure what your question is, but if it helps to clarify things...medical schools require a 1 year course (semesters, quartesr or however your school does it) in General Biology. A course in Anatomy & Physiology does not cover what is in General Biology and it is unlikely that a medical school will take it as a substitute. A&P is not required for medical school, although it can be helpful for the MCAT and a good preparation for the much more thorough A&P you will get in medical school.
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