and your least favorite secondary was...


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Aug 11, 2004
    davis for me. here's an especially cringe-worthy essay prompt from them:
    Each applicant brings with them goals of what they want to accomplish as a physician. They also have their larger dreams with regards to what they hope to accomplish in their lifetime. In a brief paragraph, please describe how you would want to be remembered at the end of your life.

    Limit your response to 6000 characters.

    that one's on p. 113 of The Adcom Guide on to How to Torture Premeds (published by the AAMC, of course).

    i mean, isn't there something vaguely contradictory of the terms "brief paragraph" and SIX THOUSAND characters!?? as I wrote my vile answer, i kept belligerently muttering "how does yer momma wanna be remembered, ya sick bastards". process is driving me nuts, i tell you.
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