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Jul 30, 2002
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Had a question: Do I have to know this stuff in real detail with all the lab values and stuff: like normocytic, corrected retic ct, not corrected, different causes, etc. The stars book has a lot of extensive charts about each of the anemias and the BRS is sorta more superficial--wondering what your guys' thoughts are. Goljan has like 6-7 HOURS of audio for RBC/WBC material. I remember one time someone posted about the 4 or 5 thigns you had to know for all the leukemias for step 1. I couldn't find the post. If anyone has any info, I'd appreciate it--thanks a lot.


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Apr 21, 2003
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I would know anemias upside down. You could easily see the question that asks you to differentiate Fe-deficient anemia vs. ACD based solely on ferritin, or the question that requires you to understand which anemias give you elevated retic counts. Remember you will be given normal values.