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    I am interested in applying to Emory for Anesthesia but I have not heard much about the program. I was wondering if any Emory students or residents could fill me in on the program. Is it considered a good program, and are the residents happy?
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    Since no "experts" seem to be biting, I'll throw in what I heard from a second hand source.

    Heard it is a very young dept. there and the residents work pretty hard.

    Don't know how much that is true though, so would appreciate anybody who is there or interviewed there to shed some light??

    Also, any info. on the "big gun" programs would be appreciated. Like: MGH, Hopkins, UCSF, U Penn, Brighams, etc...

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    Emory-- good, solid program. There are times during your first year that you will be on call without upper level help (I've heard this does not happen until you are several months into the CA-1 year--still, I hope you like lots of autonomy).

    MGH-- liked it. Great caseload. Regional no longer a glaring weakness. Incredible ICU. Smart residents. I presonally got some great intraoperative teaching. Most attendings called by first names.I think the malignant rep is way overblown. I SERIOUSLY considered going here.

    Brigham-- liked it ok. It felt very resident driven. Residents seemed happy enough, but something seemed missing to me. Weak didactics.Great CV, Thoracic, OB (although I heard that the OB nurses can be a little snippy with the residents...your mileage may vary).

    Hopkins--nice program director. Area around the hospital not nearly as bad as I had been led to believe (although still far from plush). Weak thoracic for now, because some surgeons had left and took cases with them; but in the process of recruiting to fill that need. Strong peds. Some attendings maybe more interested in gassing rats in the lab than teaching residents (this is rumor...your mileage may vary).

    UCSF--great program, GREAT city. BUT...VERY hard-working program, very expensive city. Program director is just a really good human being. Great caseload, but you cover a lot of hospitals to get that caseload. Did I mention SF is expensive?? Well, it's expensive (but beautiful). I also seriously thought about going here.

    Also interviewed at Duke, UVa, and a few other places.

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