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    In addition to the ever increasing total surgical volume, surgery today is being performed on patients that are sicker and more complex then ever before. Many of these patients would not have even been surgial candidates 15 years ago. Patients today are more informed, more educated, and more interested in their health care then at any other time in our history. From the delivery suite, to the OR, to the various procedural locations around the hospital, patients demand and expect safe, effective analgesia and anesthesia. Even the many advances in radiology are dependent upon effective, motionless anesthesia. This is especially true with regards to pediatric diagnostic studies and neuroradiologic procedures. In closing, as anesthesiologists, our knowledge and skill as physicians will be continually challenged as Medicine advances into ever new and fantastic realms. The current and future market, patient, and health care demands will continue to enable us to fully realize our potential as the consummate perioperative and periprocedural physicians. To all those considering a career in anesthesiology, I challenge you to work towards these lofty goals so that by serving the best interests of our patients, we will also further the practice of Medicine as a whole and contribute to the betterment of all those seeking medical attention. Perhaps you have been or will be enamoured of the so called "lifestyle" of anesthesia, but once you gain an understanding of the field, I hope that you will all share my enthusiasm for its great future promise and potiential in the context of Medicine as a whole. It is my opinion that if all medical specialties take this approach, none of us will ever be seriously challenged by the myriad conglomerations of allied health professions that wish to replace us. Good luck with all of your future endeavours this coming year. You will be physicians, and among the greatest and most refined consumers of information in the history of human civilization. Don't waste it! BTW-- I didn't even get into the future of Critical Care and Pain Management, since they are so broad and complex themselves.
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