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Jun 22, 2002
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I've contacted a couple programs about doing 4th year electives and the application process, and have heard some rather shocking news. People have been applying for away rotations as early as JANUARY 2002! So now, the best they can do (I'm not talking about top programs either, I'm talking about 2nd or 3rd tier programs) is put people on a waitlist for the elective! Have heard some insiders say that they expect numbers to be as competitive as Rads, and that the majority of places don't plan to interview a DO or an FMG (even if you're a USFMG). My source (extremely reliable) told me that this news won't be released until programs find out the true number of applicants (sometimes in November).
Big change in a short amount of time.
Crazy thing is that most of these applicants aren't aware that there are now 5 states that are no longer requiring physician supervision and that Congress is providing incentives for this number to expand. Oregon, Vermont, Washington, and Wisconsin are expected within the next year.

My brother (CA3 now) said that he's glad he signed his contract already because contracts for next year's grads will probably be 15-25% less than what he signed for and probably won't include the higher malpractice premiums.

What have you heard? I hope you can give me some brighter information (although my sources are pretty good).


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Feb 20, 2002
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Just because the numbers are increasing, I wouldn't be too worried. There are LOTS of spots out there.

As it has been stated before, U.S. med. students tend to be about 5-6 years behind the actual job market when they are applying for residency spots, i.e., the "dumbest" students who chose the field of anesthesiology are now reaping the immense financial benefits.

So, YES, of course, compensation will naturally decrease if competition continues. But in the end, hopefully those with a *sincere* interest in the field will pursue it. This goes for Rads, Derm, Ophtho, etc. -- all the "sexy" fields as of now. But moreso for anesthesiology, which always sees the most histrionic swings in terms of popularity.

Cheers, Frank
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