another AMCAS question..probably sick of them

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by whyme, May 16, 2002.

  1. whyme

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    May 8, 2002
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    When and who do we send transripts too. Should I send my transcripts to AMCAS now? When should i send transcripts to schools that I apply to? Will they ask for them?
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    You send the transcripts directly to AMCAS. Read the AMCAS manual and it will explain what you need to do. The schools will not need your transcripts. They will use the verified AMCAS application.
  4. analu

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    Mar 6, 2002
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    At this point, transcripts should be sent to AMCAS once your online application is in. But isn't AMCAS accepting apps in June? I know this year's version is live, but don't you send your transcripts once you've SUBMITTED your app? Check the AMCAS instructions.

    Schools usually want transcripts sent when you're ACCEPTED!

    Good luck!
  5. Explosivo

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    Apr 26, 2002
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    Actually, you can and should send out your transcripts to AMCAS now. They began accepting transcripts around May 1st. Your transcripts will be held at AMCAS, assuming they don't lose them :mad: , until your application is submitted. This way, they can begin verifying your application right away once your application is received. The sooner they verify your course work, the sooner they'll send your application out to all your schools.

    The AMCAS web application has a section where it will generate a form that you will print out and give to the transcripts office at your school. The process of sending the actual transcript to AMCAS is specific to your own school so figure that out first. In addition, each transcript sent to AMCAS must be accompanied by this special form that you printed out.

    Believe me, as a second time applicant getting things in early is a major key to this whole process. Unfortunately I learned that lesson the hard way the first time around (late application, August MCAT) so get those transcripts out soon.

    Good luck. :)

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