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I understand how applicants would be at a disadvantage if they took the August MCAT, but I have another question.

What about the people who also took the April MCAT, submitted their applications on a timely basis, but also took the August MCAT for obvious reasons. Are they thrown into this "August pile" along with the others who didn't take the test in April? Is your application still in the order that it is received or does it continually get passed on while they interview those who only took it in April?

I never even considered this. I figured that I wouldn't be at a disadvantage if I took the August test as long as I took the April.


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Jan 5, 2002
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I think that it depends on the school. I took the April and the August MCAT, and checked on my AMCAS that I would be taking the August test. I just received an interview invitation from my state school (UMDNJ-RWJ). Also, Penn State asks whether you want to have them consider your application now or wait until the August scores come in. I guess most schools probably wait for the August scores.
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