Oct 7, 2014
First of all, I'd like to apologize for not posting in the correct format/thread/whatnot (I honestly have no idea how this whole Internet thing works). Secondly, I'd like to apologize for having what I thought was an original title...clearly, I was wrong.

Hi all. I'm 22 years old, almost 23, and am currently enrolled in a post-bac program completing my prerequisites (I was a polisci major, whoops). I graduated with a 3.45 or so overall GPA (did really bad freshman year, better sophmore, and then markedly better junior and senior year). I currently have all A's in my postbac classes, however stupid me decided to get an F in stats and two C's as well in classes my freshman year. I had essentially no experiences, jobs, nothing, until recently. In the span of one year I worked at a reasearch lab at Harvard, and CURRENTLY teach a biology class to lower income middle school students, am an intern at a hospital with a homeless population, work as a Mental Health Specialist at a hospital, have a leadership position in my extension/postbac program, and am an avid martial artists (I was a D1 wrestler for two years in college before focusing on academics). (I did Model UN for two years and was a political intern for a semester, but as you can all agree, those aren't exactly relevant).

The whole point of me writing this, and I really do appreciate those who have stuck with me this far, is to know if I honestly have a shot in hell applying to medical school (A. in general B. if I take the MCAT in July/should I wait another year). I'm farily new to all the bureaucratic "stuff" that goes into actually applying to medical school..but anyways...I truly appreciate any advice/help you guys can give me.

(Both my parents work at Columbia and are physicians, does that help at all, or am I too f***** to even consider this as an advantage)
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Aug 24, 2012
To whom much is given, much is expected. Both of your parents are doctors; that speaks to immense privilege. I have very similar stats as you, but my socioeconomic background is disadvantaged. That's said, we can both get into med school. With GPA's like ours though, we need to crack 33 on the MCAT to have a reasonable shot. EC'S look really great. Just kill the mcat now, and you'll be good