Oct 10, 2014
Hi guys,

I am curious if any knows of this verbal strategy that TPR talks about in their verbal book. They make the claim that a good strategy for people to maximize their percentages in VR is to basically answer 6 out of 7 passages on the MCAT and spend more time on those 6 passages...? Has anyone tried this method? I mean it sounds logical and feasible, but I am wondering if anyone has tried this!?

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Apr 29, 2011
No this method is not good. Try to answer all the questions.

You might end up skipping an easy passage if you randomly choose which one. If you don't do it randomly, then you will waste time deciding which to skip...
Jul 27, 2013
So I took the TPR classes (which I hated, btw, stopped going halfway through) and indeed that's the strategy. The verbal instructor explained it as most people won't have time to fully do all seven passages, so you might as well focus on the ones you CAN do. Personally, that would have been a terrible strategy for me because I'm a fast reader and was able to do all of the passages in the given time.

If you struggle with finishing in time I'd at least advise trying to make educated guesses. One TPR strategy that IS really valuable is skipping the hardest passage(s) and leaving them until the end. That way you can maximize your score on the easier passages first.