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Dec 28, 2008
Dental Student
Hey guys, I just read a post saying that some people had trouble getting disability insurance because they took anti-depressants in the past. My doctor prescribed me some anti-depressants for a couple months back in high school and I was just wondering if this could have any effect on trying to get insured as a dentist. I know of quite a few dental students who are currently taking anti-depressants and am curious to know if these could hinder us in anyway. Anyone have any information or experience with this? Thanks.


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Jan 18, 2008
Yes, having a previous medical hx with tx for any type of things such as that will make it much more difficult to get a quality own occupation DI and at a significantly higher cost. If you just choose not to submit that information they can deny any claim in the future and also cancel a life long policy. I have never taken them but I was nervous for years while in the military and not having DI(impossible to get while serving in the military). As soon as I was released from active duty I obtained my policy which makes me feel much better. Here is a good website for information

I forgot to add taking those type of medications will also have consequence if an individual is looking for some type of life insurance policy (I would only recommend term life). This type of protection is secondary to a quality DI policy in my mind.
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