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Dec 19, 2008
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After finishing final exams for the first semester of my junior year, I'm not feeling very confident that my grades will be suitable for medical school. I'm looking for some advice as to whether my stats are decent enough to keep trying for med school, or if I should quit before my GPA drops too low for any other options. My grades:

Gen Chem: A both semesters
Orgo: AB 1st semester, B 2nd semester
Biology: B lecture, A lab
Physics: most likely a B, not sure yet
Cum: 3.74 since last semester, don't know science GPA
Major: Medical History, concentration of Bioethics

I've also taken an immunology and a pathology course, As for both but AMCAS may put these in the "health" category not "bio."

My biggest concern is physics and 2nd sem. Orgo. My biology B occurred before I decided to apply to med school (I wanted to be malpractice defense attorney when I came to college). Physics was non-calc based too, which makes it worse.

I also work two jobs, around 30hrs/week, which may have affected my semester grades. Will committees take this into consideration? I work as a phlebotomist and in a cardiovascular research lab (small staff, very hands on). Other ECs unremarkable. I plan to take time off after graduation to improve my chances -- but have my Bs done too much damage?
Thanks for any help that you can offer!:)


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Dec 19, 2008
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Those stats seem pretty good to me with the A's in organic chem. Just keep up the high GPA and get a good MCAT. you'll be on your way to a low-mid tier school.


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Apr 4, 2007
Two Bs in the prerequisites will not destroy your chances (and you're not yet sure about Physics). Keep getting more As to compensate, with other classes. You can go on the AMCAS website, create an account so you have access to the Primary Application, and look at the help section to figure out where Immuno and Path will be counted. Counseling you is easier if solid numbers are available.

You will get some credit for working so many hours during the school year. Since your clinical experience is through the workplace, let me remind you that you'll be expected to demonstrate altruism, generally through some form of volunteering, though it need not be clinical, as med schools prefer a service-oriented mentality. Yes, I know this will be very hard to fit in considering your busy schedule. But this is an "unwritten" but necessary element of a med school application (unless you are working to help support your family, another form of altruism).
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