ANY Caribean Grads out there?

Discussion in 'General International Discussion' started by dknykid1980, Aug 11, 2001.

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    Hi all

    I was just wondering what all of you MDs think of Caribean Grads. I mean I'm possibly thinking of doing that instead of waiting a year and doing the whole Masters or year off thing. I think its all (or a majority) is all politics as far as getting into American Med schools. I mean I'm Indian but I've been brought up and was born here. I know a lot of people do the carib thing. People say there is a stigma but does that really matter, i mean isnt it the quality of the physician? Also JUST wondering. Does it matter later on where you graduated from when it comes to getting paid...I know it probably doesnt but just making sure. Also is becoming a general surgeon or cardiologist feasible for a carib grad?

    Thanks alot in advance for answers.

    p.s. ALL u carib grads could you share wiht me ur stories?? thanks. Also for carib grads is it easy to get residencies in CHicago??
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    The issue of Caribbean medical education is a perennially popular one; I'm sure a search of the International forum will yield many threads of interest to you.

    IMHO admission to US medical school is not in any significant way, "political". The fact is there are simply more applicants than there are spots available and those that are accepted have, on the average, higher gpas and MCAT scores. Some obviously do trade on connections but I am not convinced that they are significant numbers or that they are significantly less qualified than the typical candidate.

    The mere fact of graduating from a Caribbean school will not force you out of any specialty wholesale. It WILL make it more difficult but I have seen Caribbean grads in general surgery at community programs. Some schools will likely discriminate against you but your best weapon is to do well on the USMLE exams. And while it may seem tempting to "get on with it" and simply go to a Caribbean school let me remind you of the following:

    1) the "Big Two" (SGU and Ross) receive many more applications than students they accept. Getting in isn't surefire.

    2) most students at these and other Caribbean schools will tell you that you would be well advised to try getting into a US school again if you have only applied once and have done your best to improve your application.

    Your future earnings are not a reflection of where you went to school generally, but usually a function of where you locate your practice, what you choose as your specialty, the number of procedures one can bill for, and the ease with which you are seen as competent and attract referrals. It is illegal for hospitals to pay physicians in the same position different salaries based on where they went to medical school (or based on race, etc.).

    On that note, I'll move this over to the International Forum for you. I've deleted the identical thread you posted under Rotations and Residencies. It isn't necessary to post in multiple forums; most of us read all of them. :D
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    Judging by the results of the St Georges match list in recent years it appears that if one is successful in mastering the medical school curriculum and passing the boards and interested in Internal Medicine,Peds or Family getting a residency someplace will not be difficult.Surgery is possible and there are a few cardiac surgeons who went to Caribbean schools..however competitive fields will be MUCH more difficult to enter and one should be prepared for this eventuality.
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    Hey mon I graduated sgu in 99 and am in rad onc at Johns Hopkins. WE have two folks in orth from the '01 class and surgery is readily do-able should you do about the mean on the boards (ie above 200).

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