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Dec 27, 2001
Sparta, Tn
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I am seriously considering becoming a PA. I have looked up alot of info and talked to a local PA. I was wondering if anyone has any complaints about the PA profession. if you had the choice would you become a PA again or choose something else? All the good things would be great to hear as well. Thanks for your time.


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Feb 22, 2001
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Though I am not a PA...I have met several that have either "wished" they had gone to med school, or are planning the transition to med school. We had a couple in my med school class.
In my state, there seems to be a hefty battle between Nurse Practioners, and the Physician Assistant field for "mid level provider" domination.


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Aug 26, 2001
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before you apply to PA school make sure that it is really what you want. as a PA you will work for 1 or more supervising physicians that influence the way you practice medicine. you will not agree with all of them. if you work in a group with many docs you have to remember how each one likes to evaluate and treat a given disorder(and there will be variety). this can be frustrating, because after a while you will have some very strong ideas about how you think xyz should be treated.if you will be working with only 1 or 2 docs and they all practice the same way this is not a problem.
in my current situation, I sometimes feel like I had more authority as a paramedic.
anyway, I need more elbow room so I am going back to medical school to " become my own boss" as it were.
the pa profession fills a real need in health care and there will always be jobs, just make sure that you are ok with being a "dependent provider".
good luck-e
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Nov 24, 2001
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Candyman, if you are young -- go to med school. If you are an older student that wants to get into the medicine field in order to help people and have no hang ups about "levels" , by all means -- go to PA school and help people. Be forwarned that there are too many people out there that will try to mock you as a PA because they do not understand that there are some that want to help people, yet have a lifestyle that does not permit med school. If you think it is a way to practice medicine and "cheat" your way out of going to med school -- you are wrong and will fail out. Good luck


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Apr 27, 2000
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My goal was to go to med school when I began taking science courses post-bac. I did not make an acceptable score on the MCAT, so I applied to two PA schools. I had two years experience as a surgical tech with a biology degree in hand. I was accepted to one of the programs at one of the top Southeastern US medical centers. The class was small & the people really annoyed me. I did not participate in group activities, etc. I thought that by becoming a PA it would cure my desire to become a physician. I WAS WRONG!! I was always depressed, did not like my classmates, you get the picture. It all revolved around my deep desire to go to med school. I passed my classes by the skin of my teeth. I did not study and "winged" the test. I almost survived the first year until the end of the third quarter. I failed a class (F). I was dismissed from the program with the option to reapply for the next year having to start from the beginning. What a slap in the face that was and was my wake-up call in life. I took for granted the privilege that was given to me to be one of 24 students that was selected out of ~500. I am mad at myself for not giving that spot to someone else who truly wanted it. I went through the motions & said to myself you need to stick it out and you will make a good living etc. Boy, was I wrong!! Money does not buy happiness. The moral of the story is stick to your core goals that you set long ago. Do not give up on them. Life is too short to say "what if"! I am finally have my ducks in a row and am going to apply to med school now years later. I am mentally prepared now and have seen the mistakes I made and learned from them. Being a PA is not for everyone. You must really be excited about wanting to be a part of the profession and accept your limitations in practice. I could not and that is why I failed myself and my family. So I am getting up and wiping the dust off and giving it a shot at a goal I set years ago; to become a physician. Good luck in your decision and do your research and study hard!!
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