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Aug 12, 2015
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So I've ravaged this site in terms of finding advice for LA area DO friendly residencies that are also good feeders into fellowships, but I didn't find any recent threads. I've checked the websites for most of the residencies and they don't give much information on whether the residents are DO/MD and I also wanted to get an honest opinion from people on here.
That being said:
I'm currently a MSIII in a DO school in the east coast, originally from SoCal. My goal is to get a residency in the Los Angeles area, the ones I love so far are CHLA (top choice), Kaiser LA, UCLA, and UCLA Harbor. (I'm planning on doing another away at USC LAC to see how I like it). Which of these programs would you say are fairly receptive to DOs given decent ECs, letters, and board scores? (I don't want to give my board scores on SDN).
I'm also open to residencies on the west coast as well, I'm looking into OHSU in Portland for example.
any advice is appreciated!

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In terms of being "DO friendly", Id venture that none of the ones you've listed are. Although you said you had trouble finding out the degree of current residents, I was able to find current/recent listings for all the programs you've mentioned.

OHSU - looks like they take 1 DO per year
CHLA - has a couple; mostly California DO programs; same for Kaiser and Harbor as well as USC LAC. The latter seems to have the most.
UCLA has no DOs in their pediatric residency

Your status is listed as Pre-Med; you should change that.

No one is going to be able to give you any idea of how competitive you would be based on the vague information you've provided.

Moving this to the Osteopathic forum as this one is for discussing clinical rotations not residency.
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