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  1. pr0foundbsguy

    Mar 28, 2007
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    Hey guys,
    So I'm applying to USC for the MPH program in Epidemiology/Biostatistics for Spring 2008 admission. I was wondering if you could offer insight into whether I have a good chance of being accepted or not.

    -Graduating from UCI in Spring 2007
    -Major: Developmental and Cell Biology
    -Minor: Chicano Latino Studies
    -GPA: 3.53
    -Taking GRE's in April: Vebal Diag: 450-500 Quantitative Diag: 550-650
    -President of Alpha Epsilon Delta (Pre-med Honor Society)
    -Director of Volunteers (National Melanoma Awareness Project)
    -Golden Key Honor Society Inductee
    -Research HSV-1 (received 2 grants, presented at symposium, will be receiving excellence in research next quarter and publication; possibly 2 other publications in science journals by end of summer)
    -Great Letters of Recs from P.I., Founder of Melanoma Project, and a so-so letter from an Environmental Justice Professor.
    -Coach for Sports Company and helped write grant for AAF to fund an afterschool anti-obesity sports program
    -Volunteer at Hospital
    -Will be volunteering as Big Bro starting next month
    -Hobbies: Running (ran during all of high school, doing my first relay marathon this summer, ran lots of 5k charity events)

    That about sums up my life...
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