Any idea about the length of supplemental essays???

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Jan 9, 2007
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Hey guys,

I was just wondering how long you think we should be making our supplemental essays. I am doing Creighton's right now (what is your reason for choosing the school & important info about myself). Right now, mine are only 3-4 sentences (75 words). Should they be more like in-depth essays or would a few sentences be sufficient? Thanks.

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to me an essay is a couple hundred words. A response in sentence form is 3-4 sentences.
yeah, but does anyone know the length they are looking for??!
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anyone know???
From what I have heard, many people just use the space provided on the Creighton supplemental, but I think it would be wise to type out a couple paragraphs and attach it to the application
yeah, creighton's supplemental only provides like 3 or 4 lines. and it says nothing about it being an essay, so i treated it like a response.
thanks guys =)