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Any last minute Pre-Pharm Schools?


Full Member
10+ Year Member
May 1, 2008
Well I am finishing up college applications, so far applied to St. Johns, USP, Rutgers, and a safety school St. Thomas. Was curious if anyone had any other schools in NJ/NY/PA (Pitt/Duq are a little far talking about the eastern end of PA) that I should take a look at that may have pre-pharmacy or a good school to check out. I checked out schools such as Montclair, Stockton, LIU and a few others. I appreciate it and just making sure there are no schools I missed.

I appreciate all insight.

By the way if my stats matter:
26 ACT Composite
--26 English
--29 Math
--25 Science
--23 Reading

GPA 3.4
Class Rank 25/48 (Extremely smart school, entrance exam to get in. All my courses are taught on Honors or higher.)

Tons of community service, some extra curricular.

Thank you!
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Full Member
10+ Year Member
5+ Year Member
Sep 15, 2007
  1. Pre-Pharmacy
If you are from NY state, you might consider Binghamton and Stony Brook. Bucknell is a little bit inland but still good. UConn is also good and not too far from NY.

I would say, don't decide based on where you think will give you an edge for pharmacy school. Go to a school that you will have fun at for 4 years. Its college after all...


Full Member
10+ Year Member
May 1, 2008
Just an update for you guys.

Forgot about this thread until today so I am done with my applications.

Have already been accepted to the St. Thomas Pre-Pharm program (got the acceptance letter today) and received 11,000 in scholarship money for the 2 years I would go there (5500 per)

I also applied to:
St. Peters College (3 + 4 at Rutgers)
St. Johns (0-6)
USP (0-6)
St. Thomas (accepted)
Montclair State

Montclair/St. Thomas are most likely my back up schools although St. Thomas is very nice.

My overview:
Drexel seems expensive I believe so unsure if I would like to go there for the first 2 years.

Rutgers is a cheap option since I am a NJ resident, about 10k per year and moderately close 45-60 minutes away from my home.

Montclair State, was not very fond of the dorms. Most likely not going to attend, would rather St. Thomas over Montclair and I have already been accepted to St. Thomas.

St. Peter's I do not know much about but my father works near by and told me new dorms were just built across the street. If i can get into the program that would be awesome because I would be able to attend Rutgers from there.

St. Johns is a tad expensive and I would have to decide if i want to spend that much for all 6 years and live out of Queens.

USP would like to visit as well and is a bit on the pricier side for all 6 years.

Then again St. Johns and USP are guarentees into the Pharm Program I believe so would be less stressful in two years but have to weigh out the money IF i was to be accepted.

My ranks are probably something like:
Rutgers/St. Peters/USP/St. Johns/Drexel/St. Thomas/Montclair.

Going to be a tough choice overall but will probably make another post after I receive most of my answers regarding me being accepted or rejected into each program to see what other views on the schools are.

Anyone familiar with St. Peter's by the way?

EDIT: Also did consider Buffalo but unsure if I want to be that far from home (approx. 8 hours) I will definitely look into that school after my pre-reqs are over with though.
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