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May 24, 2002
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I had trouble at first with the Rush application too. Choose the FreeText tool. Then drag the cursor on the actual application to form a box in the region where you want to add the text. Then type your text. Choose the hand tool and right-click the text area to bring up properties. Make sure the thickness is at 0 pt, the fill color is white, and the border color is black. With the hand tool you can click and drag the region around, or resize the box.

hope this helps.
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Mar 28, 2002
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Originally posted by Samoa
I didn't have a problem with SLU's secondary, but I couldn't save it, so I printed an extra copy for myself once I was done.

Same here-- no problem with the PDF. But I did notice that the SLU typo was on the PDF, Word, and paper copy that I got from them. I know this isn't a big deal (it says "have you appled to SLU previously"), but it's just really funny to me.

gotta find the humor in the land of applications.
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