Any Medstudents w/ long commutes?


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    I have a classmate with a 45 min + drive each way. Most of the time it appears to work okay for here, even though she loses a lot of time. Around exams, though, she's stays with a classmate who lives much closer.

    Riding buses & trains would at least mean that you don't have to lose that time every day.
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    1. Attending Physician
      U can tape ur lectures in class and put them on ur mp3 player and listen to lectures; that way on ur commute u can study and get alot done so u dont have to study as much when ur at home.

      I dotn commute but I have lectures on audio and i listen to lectures while I do cardio, so i dont feel guilty when i work out alot and its during exams. Personally nothing beats getting ripped and getting ur learn on!


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