Any movement on WU alt list?

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Jan 5, 1999
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There doesn't seem to be any recent news on WU alt list. Has anyone been accepted?

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Sith, Wiggy, Moon, Steve-O:
Have you guys heard anything yet? People at admissions are so secretive- that sucks!
DJ, I spoke to admissions about a month ago, and i was told that for those that came off the hold after interview list, to be on the alternate list, there is not much hope. That's because although their waitlist is not ranked, they do have a primary and a secondary waitlist. Those that came off the hold after interview are placed on the secondary waitlist. So as you can imagine first priority is given to those on the primary, and there is about 40 people on that list, and they would all have to come off, before they consider the secondary. She also mentioned that for some reason the waitlist is not moving much, and that the primary waitlist is still kind of full. I hope this info. is helpful. Good luck!
By the way what are u doing this coming year if WU does not work out?
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Thanks for the info Sith. I'm now here at Chicago Med- doing their applied physiology program. Ya I know it's expensive but this gives me the opportunity to show the admissions that I can definitely handle the med school courses.
What are you doing this coming year? Good luck with WU!
DJ, i am trapped in the same boat as you. However i will be attending bu's post bach (MA in medical sciences program) this upcoming year.

Good Luck
Sith, I was able to reach Ms. Hines and she said the AL has been closed as of today. Oh well, I'll just try again.
So the MSP is a 2 year program, which allows you to take M1 courses? Good luck this coming year.
well, i can't say that this comes as a surprise to me, certainly i am disappointed, but yeah lets hope we are more successful next year i gaining acceptance.

The MA program is a 2 year program, but can be completed in one year (can complete my research and thesis during the summer), yes i'll be taking classes with the BUSM M1 students. Best of luck to you!
By the way has the CMS program started yet, and if so how do u like it so far! Do they still guarantee admissions to their med school after successful completion of this program? Or has that changed since the inception of the revised version of the program?

Good Luck
CMS started a little over 2 weeks ago. We have a genetics final in less than a week. Supposedly about 43 out of 65 people are M1 this year. You need to maintain at least a B average though, in order to get in- it's extremely competitive because for AP students, it's like a do-or-die situation.
I heard BU program is good but most of the people take 2 years. But I think if you get straight A's this year, you will be a M2 the following year. Is that right?