any news from marquette lately?


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Jan 12, 2004
    I met with Brian Trecek recently. Here's the skinny on the alternate list, straight from his mouth to my ear:

    --There are separate alternate lists for residents and non-residents.

    --He expects to end up with 30-35 non-resident alternates.

    --He estimated 3-7 of those alternates will eventually end up in the permanent class (He said last year 4 people came off the list and it was the lowest number ever). It's worth noting that when I called Marquette the lady on the phone was wrong (she told me "a couple" alternates made it in every year) so that just goes to show you: dont' trust anything that doesn't come directly from the Director of Admissions.

    --I asked him how many alternates actually turn down a permanent spot when it's offered and he said almost none. So I wouldn't expect more than 7 alternates to receive phone calls.

    --Movement from the alternate list usually doesn't begin until May (late April at the earliest).

    --When they review the alternate pool (which is unranked, BTW) to fill new openings they first try to weed out alternates who don't truly desire to go to Marquette (that is, it's not their first choice of school). He didn't mention how they do that, but it sounds pretty subjective to me.

    --Bottom line: Looks like alternates have a 10-20% chance of going permanent, but he mentioned that this was the most competitive class they've ever had at Marquette, so I'm guessing that this year the odds are closer to the lower end of that range.


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    Feb 28, 2004
      Hi, I'm another one of the waitlisters for Marquette.

      It seems strange to me that it would take as long as late April and into May before there would be any movement from the alternate/wait list. It seems to me from what I hear out there that the second and third round of acceptances are given an even shorter time to reply in the affirmative or negative to the school. This makes sense as classes are filling and the number of qualified applicants begins to drop. Also, Marquette doesn't refund any portion of a deposit after April 15th, so you'd think they'd have a pretty good feel of any shortages for the class by then.

      Another posting on page 8 or so of this forum, regarding the Marquette waiting list last year, said that there was a lot of action off the alternate list in late March and early April, which seems to make more sense to me. I hope that's how it goes this year too! I hope it works out for everyone, this 'maybe' stuff is hard on the nerves! Cruel and unusual punishment if you ask me......
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