Any Non-Traditionals Have Experience/Info on Bureau of Prisons Age Requirement?


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Apr 9, 2006
Psychology Student
I am a psychology graduate student in a forensic psychology program. I was hoping to secure an internship with a federal correctional facility upon graduation. I just read that the Bureau of Prisons (the administrator for these internships) requires you to be under the age of 37 before you start the internship although some age waivers may be granted up until the age of 40. I doubt that this will apply to me, but I just started a psychology program so if it takes me a longer time than what I am hoping, this could apply to me. I have a September birthday, so it might help.

I was wondering if anyone knew how solid this was or if waivers are given more than on rare occasions.

I was so bummed when I read this. I put off grad school 3 years to save money to attend and now I get sucker punched like this....

Apparently, they do this so that you will work for them and the investment for their payoff from retirement eligibility is not great enough if you are older than 37. FBI does the same thing, but I know that they strictly enforce that for employment....