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    Will be starting at Yale in the fall. After law school (2002) I worked in child advocacy mostly with severely disabled children. Fell in love with the science and became post-doc at Yale Child Study Center in 2003. Have been doing basic science research on perinatal brain injury and recovery ever since. Have tried to remain somewhat active in law (chaired a couple ABA/YLD committees and fellow at Yale Center on Child Development and Social Policy). Anyway, interested in Peds, Neurology and Neurosurgery which I know can be demanding fields (especially if I'm crazy enough to go into surgery). But I still enjoy the law and would like to get some use out of the JD. Maybe combining my research demonstrating benefits of physical therapy on neurological recovery from perinatal injury and advocacy for increased PT/OT for disabled children. Also interested in and at times somewhat active in politics.

    Any other JD/soon to be MDs or JD/already MDs wondering the same thing? I've seen a few threads on making the transition from law to medicine but none for those who have already done so.

    PS - For a split second, even thought about about an LLM from Yale law after my MS3 given that 50% of Yale med students take the 4th year to do research or get a masters degree and then return for MS4 in year 5. But I also don't want to be that guy with more letters after his name than are actually in his name. However, the chance to get a degree from the #1 law school is enticing especially considering I went to a 3rd tier law school. Any thoughts - would I just be wasting my time. Maybe I'm getting way ahead of myself and should just concentrate on continuing my research and doing as well as I can on Step 1 (especially if I ever do want to go into Neurosurgery).

    Sorry for the long post - 1st one.

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