Any Recent News from USUHS?

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May 4, 2004
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Just wondering if anyone has heard from USUHS lately. Also, does anyone know whether or not USUHS is still accepting students or waitlisting them now? Thanks for the info! :)

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i'm still waiting for them too. it has been like 7 weeks. they said 9....

i think the class is full last time i heard from someone that interviewed in Jan.
Thanks! Here's to hoping we hear from them soon, and that some spaces have opened up in recent weeks.
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i can unequivocally say a space just opened up. mother****ers won't give me a medical waiver, so they rescinded my acceptance. my only acceptance. for a really bull**** reason. can you tell i'm a little bit pissed?
ok. i thought i can take 9 weeks. it has only been 5wk and i still have 4 more to go. i'm going insane.

anyone heard anything yet that interviewed late Feb?