Any reliable source to help choosing a good Ultrasound Machine for muscle diseas


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Jun 15, 2007
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    I need to buy a cheap US machine for a research project on muscle diseases. The more I speak with reps the more confuse I get. So far I could not find a reliable website that compares different qualities and prices. I' will be grateful to hear your likes and dislikes on the US machine you are using for MSK conditions .


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    Dec 4, 2008
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      Feb 2, 2008
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        What exactly are you researching ang how deep will the structures be (do you know yet what muscles/structures you will be eval'ing). Not sure if ultrasound is the best modality for muscle disease NOS (possible low sensitivity depending on what you are looking for and lots of room for operator error.


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        May 8, 2004
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          we had a guest lecturer in the EMG lab here recently who showed us fibrillations picked up by a high frequency ultrasound transducer. she uses it in her pediatric neurology practice to help tease out those kids in whom an EMG would provide helpful information. it was incredible to see the fibrillations as well as areas of "muscle disease" as mentioned above. the technology required to visualize this is extremely expensive and only the highest end machines will be able to do this.
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