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Any students from U. of Rochester or U. of Virginia???


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Oct 11, 2003
  1. Fellow [Any Field]
I am currently trying to decide which school to attend. Could you please post comments about either or both schools. What do you like, not like, etc? Any help would be appreciated.


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Oct 14, 2002
The Commonwealth
I might be a little biased but I think UVa is the best choice of the 2 based on location and money. UVa has a pretty good financial aid package that can help drop your tuition to about 19K/year if your from out of state and even less if you're in state. Also the Charlottesville area is beautiful. I enjoy the small town feel and this is one of the few places in the country with a nationally ranked med program in a town of 40,000.

This does force us though to do "away" rotations during our 3rd year to get good clinical exposure. A friend of mine actually turned down U of R last year to attend UVa. He says it was a great choice. We have lecture from 8-12 every day and a small group meeting 1 afternoon a week. Plus the board scores and match list from UVa is awesome. Go with your gut feel and look at all the factors. For me they were:

1) Teaching style
2) Cost, $$$$$$$
3) Reputation, (I believe UVa is ranked higher in US news)

PM me if you have specific questions!


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15+ Year Member
Apr 15, 2002
I chose UVA over Rochester (I am entering Aug 04)...although price and personal issues were factors for me, I felt like the ultra-traditional environment of UVA was less attractive than the ultra-progressive one at Rochester. However, the out-of-school environment (physical surroundings, home costs, etc.) in Charlottesville are much better than in Rochester...and I'm not talking about the weather...I went to school in Chicago and visiting Rochester just made me "home"-sick for Chicago. But the city is just plain ugly and looks like an old steam town...dated houses, etc. This is no bash on the school and clearly wasn't my only reason not to choose Rochester...but it's something to think about. I thought academically Rochester would have been a better experience for me...but there were other factors at play (like my live-in, long-term boyfriend) that I also had to consider...
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