Sep 25, 2020
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I'm a Crit Care & Cardiac Anesthesia fellow and considering moving to Chicago (partner's family is there, plus what a great city!) for preferably an academic appointment doing Cardiac ICU & Cardiac ORs

1. Do either of these hospitals use Anesthesia CCM ppl to attend in their Cardiac ICUs? I know some CT ICUs are just surgical attendings supervising mid-levels
2. Any thoughts about the cardiac OR culture? Cardiac surgeons at my institution are generally pleasant and collegial - hopefully I'm not spoiled
3. Do cardiac anesthesiologists in Chicago at academic centers generally cover CRNAs?
4. Any other thoughts on moving to Chicago? Especially concerned about where to live if at U of C given crime (not from here, don't know if it's overstated)

COVID has made job hunting an absolute nightmare as you all know so I appreciate any intel before I apply this Fall
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UofC has been hemorrhaging anesthesia attendings since they opened the trauma center. Low pay, lots of work. Some have been taken in by Northwestern. Pay at Northwestern is better but if you dont have a big research publication background you'll be worked pretty hard. Maybe not quite as fast pace as PP but word is Northwestern prepares its trainees for PP world. Staffjng has gone from 2:1 CRNA to much more frequently 3:1. Per ACGME rules residents can only be 2:1 or 1:1.

Not exactly the jnfo you are looking for here, but I think useful for a prospective attending here.. I think both UofC and Northwestern are actively recruiting attendings although i am not sure if they are looking to fill cardiac or Anes CCM roles. I also PMed you with more specifics.
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