Any UK dentist from China? Advice needed

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Oct 4, 2011
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有中国牙医来英国就业经历, 求助 Any dentists practicing in the UK, who's trained in China originally? Please help

大家好,我老公在倫敦工作. 我是有5年经验的牙体牙隋科主治医师 (北京). (四军医大毕业). 准备来英国团聚. My husband is living in London. I want to come to join him. I am a dental specialist with 5 years' experience at a large Beijing hospital. I graduated from Fourth Military Medical University, China.

准备考ORE, 最终在英国干本行. I want to take the ORE and eventually practice dentistry in the UK.

心里没底呀. I am worried, and don't really know how to go about it. I have not met / known any one with similar experience......

希望能从大家的经历里求得希望/途径. I'd be grateful if you could share your experience, and your advice is very much appreciated!

先谢谢了! Thank you in advance,


yueyangzhao @ . uk

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