Technology any verizon phones/pda's with wifi?

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Aug 16, 2007
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Just curious to see if anyone knows of any verizon phones that have wifi built in or capable of running it with a card. I would rather not get a data plan because my campus has wifi just about everywhere and I would rather mooch that than pay for my own data plan.

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doesn't verizon force you to buy a data plan with their smartphones?
yup, all smart phones now need data plans

it is very obnoxious, but you do have to buy a data plan for all phones that can run apps. It seems kind of redundant to have to buy a data package for a phone with wifi, but that is the way it is. I guess at least you can save some access time that way.
This was an older thread. When I initially asked the question Verizon did not force you to buy a data plan. Currently you have to buy the data plan.....unless you know the head of region sales :D