Any Website to learn calculus?


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Dec 20, 2008
    Im taking the pcat in january and I haven't took calculus yet. Im very good at math so I can learn it within a month. I have a full month off of school too.

    I also have the kaplan book. Is the kaplan book enough to learn calculus or no?


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    Nov 15, 2008
    1. Pre-Pharmacy covers almost everything (except stats) covered on the quantitative section, from basic math to calculus, and its FREE once you register. The tutor is actually the author of the textbook i used in my trig class.

      p.s; scroll down for the Calculus section.

      The Kaplan book is not enough. Are you taking Calculus next semester? If you are, i suggest buying the required textbook early, or get one from the library, so you can practice a few problems
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      Apr 9, 2008
      1. Pre-Pharmacy
        I think you're better off using lessons that are organized: A textbook could help you with this.

        You can find a couple of free textbooks online. Just google "free calculus textbooks" or something like that.

        You may find it helpful to use Calculus Phobe for the introductory material, as their material is pretty short and straight to the point.
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