Jan 8, 2010
Pharmacy Student
this question is for people who have "unusual"/have major discrepancies in their student career during pharmacy school, but were able to land a residency.

currently, im a p3. during p1 year, i was actively involved with extracurriculars. however, during the first semester of p2 year, i got kicked out of school for failing 3 classes due to unfortunate events that occurred right before finals. but i was able to get readmitted and continue on. currently, im still raising my cumulative gpa (from ~72/73 after my failures to ~79/80 after repeating p2 year), maintained some extracurriculars, and landed a paid internship in retail pharmacy (working at least once a week; been with the company now for almost 2 years).

assuming all things equal (raising GPA, networking, extracurriculars, etc etc) do i have a chance?

second, are there any students who had a similar situation like i did and was still able to land one?
Mar 29, 2013
I had a similar situation in school, failed multiple classes, got kicked out and readmitted.
I worked very hard to raise my GPA, managed to find multiple retail jobs that I worked during school. After i got into my P4 year i worked hard to prove myself during rotations and managed to work closely with many of my preceptors in order to get better letters of recommendation. I also presented a poster at midyear. I did as many projects as i could to beef up my CV and any time extra work was offered during a rotation I made sure I took it. I got my GPA up to a 3.1 for the Phorcas submission of my transcript.
After appling to PGY1's I was very discouraged looking at other students CV's, GPA's ect. However, I managed to land a couple of interviews and I believe at that point it really comes down to personality. I actually matched with my top choice program.

My advice: look for smaller programs. Potentially consider ones that are applying for accreditation this year or next so that you will be accredited (or at least pre-accredited) by the time you search for a PGY2. Bigger, cookie cutter-like programs are more likly to weed people out by GPA cutoffs.

Don't get discouraged. If a PGY1 is what you absolutely want to do, then work for it. If you dont match right away, scramble. Theres always a way.

Good luck!