anyone applying for private loans?.......can you please share your experience?


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Feb 22, 2004
    I enquired about private loans from all lenders. They asked me to apply in May since they said that it was too earrly to apply for a loan for the Fall semester. Does anyone encountered this problem. Will you be willing to share your knowledge on this?
    I have been accepted at BU this year, and I cannot submit the sponsorship form unless I get the loan approved . I mean who has so much $$$$$$ in their bank???
    Can you please let me know how this works? I do not have any friends at BU who could help me with this.
    thanks and I will really appreciate your help!!!:idea:


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    Jan 10, 2004
      how are you, I am in the exact same shoes as yours, and I have applied to get private loans, it is in proccess. However, I think that u dont have to send the sponsership form, but you just need to send them your bank loan approval. My only question now is my visa. I am filling my data form, if you know anything or find out something let me know please. thanks. I am Canadian citizen.
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