Anyone been accepted from 'on hold' at Case?


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Nov 30, 2004
    getunconcsious said:
    I know there are a lot of us rolling around who interviewed at Case this year and were put on hold. Has anyone been accepted out of this category so far this year? Or are they waiting till April 15? Also, can any current Case students apprise us of the approximate odds?
    I havne't been able to find any reference to someone getting off of the hold list until April 15. I'm on it too... bummer. Anyhow, I did PM with a guy that said he just interviewed at case and they still had ~120/250 straight acceptances to give out and they had only 100 more interviews left this season. That means they'll be pulling a lot of people off of the hold list come 4/15. Most people on the hold list, however, will still be waitlisted.

    That being said, take all of this with a grain of salt. I don't know the dude that told this to me, but he said that he got it from the adcom themselves and when I interviewed there they were pretty open with the information. So it does add up and it does makes sense when you think about why they would have a hold list rather than stick you straight on a waitlist.

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    Jan 28, 2005
      yes what they will do when you are on "hold" is rank you with some sort of "score" or "priority"

      Once they have interviewed all candidates then they will fill all remaining available slots in order from highest to lowest. Those who dont make that cut are then "waitlisted"

      I can also confirm the previous poster in that they still have plenty of slots open. As a matter of fact I have one of the last interview dates in early march. They said that I would be considered for admission just as much as someone who interviewed in october of nov.
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