Anyone else "making deals" about scores


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Jun 17, 2009
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Haha, just thought I'd see who is "making deals" with themselves, or anyone else out there who is listening, about what they will do if they get a good MCAT score. It's sort of like the situation when someone is dieing, and their like, "I promise I'll never do anything wrong again if you'll just let me live -- I'll devote my life to others."

Well, anyway, I've always sort of done this and I was wondering if anyone else was. I've decided if I get a 30+ on the MCAT I'm going to work extra and then make a donation to SDN.

Anyone else done this? If you get the score you want you'll.....

(perhaps start paying your friends attention again before they drop you?)
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Jan 6, 2008
Haha!! A Snuggie?? Lol, I went to San Fran recently and took the bart over by UC Berkley and they were having a snuggie pub crawl. Everyone was wearing those obnoxious things - it was hilarious.

So, streaking? Well, whatever floats your boat. Be sure to get your friends to video tape it for you, lol!

But please don't put it up on the internet for us unless you are a female who looks like Megan Fox
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