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Anyone else who has heard absolutely ZERO so far?


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Jun 7, 2006
  1. Pre-Dental
    Wow, this is kind of sad because I just searched for posts I had posted last year - and on 12/1/07 I ALSO had heard absolutely nothing from the 10 schools I applied to. Since then I retook the DAT and improved my app quite a bit, but still have not heard a word from schools (except a Harvard rejection, which hardly counts, I don't know what I was thinking applying there.) I have received/under review for a few schools on AADSAS, and have been in touch with every school who has confirmed they have everything and I am "under review." No interviews or rejections yet. Am I just totally borderline that I have to wait for rejections in March?? I have a 3.5 / 18 DAT, non-traditional re-applicant from NY.

    Anyone else having similar experiences? I've been in limbo for soo long, it's awful :(

    Congrats to everyone who received good news this week! Hope to see some of you next fall, or, as a patient some day at the rate I'm going! ;)


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    Sep 17, 2008
    1. Pre-Dental
      I submitted Sept 14...stuff sent out in oct.. complete end of oct/mid nov depending on the school..... At least you have no rejections!! I have 4!! (Case, OSU, ASDOH, Marquette).

      Hoping to hear something good soon.....

      Good luck to both of us!
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      Jan 4, 2008
      1. Dentist
        I submitted my Application on July 10th to 13 schools and I have only officially heard back from UNLV and unofficially from Arizona both of which rejected me, as i sent the secondary apps in late. But I heard back from them at the end of October and I haven't heard back from anyone else since then. What do you think that means for my application status?
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