Anyone from Massachusetts Pharm College? / Or anybody willing to host an Aussie?


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Sep 14, 2004
Melbourne, Australia
G'day, my name is Dan...

I'm from Australia in the last year studying B.Pharm in Melbourne... and looking at coming over to Boston for about 7 to 8 weeks in the middle of the year.

I'll have to co-ordinate with the Pharm College over there whether I can attend a few lectures, and see how the American Pharmacy system is run over there.

I'm looking for anyone who could possibly host me, and show me around. I'm sociable, so it's not like you'll have to keep an eye on me 24/7. I'll be looking to experience american culture, american tv, american food (Big Gulps!).... and Baseball.

I'm making this sound like a personals ad but....

I'm 21, male... I love my sport... I'm into most American sports, eg, gridiron... but I love baseball. I'm a big Red Sox nut. Last year, while studying for my finals, i watch the whole of the MLB playoffs (which started really early in the morning) during my studying week, and nearly screwed up my exams thanks to a lack of sleep!

I'll consider going anywhere else, but I think an east coast or west coast Pharmacy school would be ideal!

Thanks people