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anyone heard from WashU?

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Senior Member
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Jul 11, 2004
All I see is snow...
  1. MD/PhD Student
Dr.Dr. said:
Hi, are the interviews for MD and MSTP supposed to be on different dates? I got the MD interview and am waiting for the MSTP. I guess I just don't want to have to fly the 2000 miles an extra time.

I am not sure if this information will help you out or not. On Dec. 16, I received an email from the MSTP office offering me an interview for Jan. 12-14, which will include my MD and MSTP interviews. I was complete with my secondary on shortly after Thanksgiving (so late Nov./early Dec.). If you have any other questions, feel free to PM me.

Best of luck! :luck: Hope you still get a MSTP interview.
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10+ Year Member
7+ Year Member
Nov 12, 2005
the 80's
  1. Pre-Medical
Thanks ClaranetGeek,

I talked to the MSTP office today. I am currently on hold for an interview with the MSTP. They suggested that I schedule my interview for sometime in Feb. and if I get an MSTP interveiw, they will change my MD interview to that date.
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