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we've had a string of exams and what notes since early last week. Im hitting the 3rd of 3 straight days of exams. Tuesday was the behavioral shelf, which I would have not studied for except for that fact that I have a 70 in the class at the moment :scared: , today was our micro final which was worth 57% of our grade, and tommorow, later today?, is our path final which is worth a good 47% of our grade. Last week we had other stuff as well.

Just could not study or concentrate or get anything into my head since that micro exam.

Hope it doesn't bite me in the bumm in path :(


Ah, I remember back in the first two years when I had final exams week. It was brutal. Now, it's just a shelf exam at the end of each rotation.

Of course, these count a LOT more... :(


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Feb 1, 2004
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I remember being "burnt out" fairly frequenly during my first two years of med school. I would just advise that you take frequent breaks when you feel burnt out, and keep doing the things that you enjoy doing. It may seem counter-intuitive to be going out or watching TV when you have a test coming up soon, but I always liked to think of that as part of my study time since it got me more nervous about the test when I wasn't studying (and nervousness about doing poorly is a great motivator), plus it helps keep you from doing the empty stare at a book page without actually reading deal which won't help you learn the material at all.
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