Anyone know about eye exams for Marfan Syndrome?

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    My understanding is that ectopia lentis is often associated with Marfan Syndrome. Are there varying degrees of lens subluxation such that an ophthalmologist could identify such a thing even when the patient in question is asymptomatic (other than mild myopia...which of course may be due to something other than ectopia lentis)?

    Would it be reasonable/unreasonable to refer such a patient to an ophthalmologist to assist in arriving at a diagnosis?

    Thanks for any thoughts!
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    Patients with Marfan Syndrome and other disorders associated with ectopia lentis can present with varying degrees of lens subluxation. Depending on the degree of subluxation, the patient may or may not be symptomatic. It is reasonable to refer a patient to an ophthalmologist to assist in arriving at a diagnosis.

    Lens Subluxation in Marfan Syndrome

    Lens Zonules Observed on Examination

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