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anyone know of cheap hotels near case?


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Jun 4, 2004
Philadelphia, PA
    Somehow it slipped my mind to make a reservation for my Case interview and I ended up spending the first night in a lovely crack-laced, old Jerri Blank hangout in East Cleveland. Between the call-girl pulling a gun on her john next door, the frequent screams, slamming doors, and police sirens, I managed to get about two hours of sleep. Apparently Motel 6 and its cheap and decent cousin Super 8 vacated the area long ago. Learn from my mis-adventure and get a reservation. This is a 'round-about way of saying that I really didn't find any reasonable rates in the area. I think your best bet would be the dental frat house or on priceline as the cheapest rate I could find was $70 at a Best Hotel way down on Euclid.
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    Jun 24, 2004
    1. Dentist
      hey, I used priceline, and got Sheraton in downtown cleveland for 40 bucks (before tax). I had a very beautiful lake view in my room, and the downtown was very safe too. it is about 10 minutes driving from the school.

      Mr. Teethpulla

        ummm i flew into cleveland, and beleive me, if you are flying in as well, you dont wanna take the train to campus.... youll see some seriously ugly part of town and some scurry looking ppl. but anyhow, there wasnt any place near campus that you can stay at that is cheap. I stayed at the glidden inn, was 140 bucks student rate, crazy. but it was close. there is the dental frat, DSD, that will house you for 40 bucks. but i couldnt get in there due to communication problems. but yeah, if you wander far from University circle, good luck man, but try not to leave the circle, stay where you can see the CASE flags....its safer. good luck


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        Aug 22, 2004
          I don?t know of any hotel in walking distance to Case. If you are flying in, I would recommend to stay in a hotel that provides complementary transportation to the airport and to an RTA station nearby. I took a cab the morning of the interview (was worried about being late) and a train to come back (only $1.50). That worked out very nicely for me. About the frat house, I met two girls who stayed there for the interview a week ago. They said that they barely got any sleep there. The room was not air conditioned and it was very hot, there was also no hair dryer or a single mirror in that room. On a bright side, they got to talk to several students. :)

          Good luck!
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