Anyone licensed in California after going to an out-of-state school?

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5+ Year Member
Jun 27, 2014
I still have almost a year left in my MSW program, but I wanted to get a jump on preparing for licensure. I live in Los Angeles, but am getting my degree online from an accredited school in NY. I will be starting my fieldwork here in LA this week. I will be supervised by an LCSW and was required to get a Live Scan prior to starting, which I believe allows me to qualify under the 90-day rule?

As I'm dealing with an out-of-state degree while being supervised at an in-state agency, with plans to continue working in CA, I'm confused by the requirements and order of steps.

For example, appears to say that I qualify for Path A, and am required to take the coursework on page 2, but appears to say I only qualify for Path B and lists a longer coursework requirement on page 8.

I've reached out to CA's licensing board, but I'd also really appreciate guidance anyone could provide!
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