Sep 20, 2014
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  1. Optometry Student
Hi everyone!
This post is mainly for the Canadian pre-optoms residing around GTA/Kitchener-Waterloo:

I recently wrote my OATs and scored relatively well (AA: 360, TT: 370) and was admitted into Optometry School at the University of Waterloo (Canada). I still have all my study materials (OAT destroyer, OAT destroyer-Math, Physics, Kaplan, and some other study materials). I purchased all my books for $350+ but I am hoping to sell them off for around $200 for the complete bundle or best offer! I am also willing to sell the books separately if you only want the OAT destroyer or the Kaplan books! Send me a PM if you're interested and we can set up a method of exchange! Thanks!!! attachFull185654


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