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Nov 21, 2006
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I currently live in Phoenix, but was hoping to move into the on-campus apartments and was wondering if anyone was looking for a roommate. It is cheaper to split a 2-bedroom, and they are much nicer. If anyone is interested, lemme know. If we find each other and get to know each other first, we run less risk of being matched with a crazy.

1. I am 33 y/o
2. Male
3. Gay (so I'm totally neat & tidy, not to stereotype , but it's true)
4. nice
5. a great cook
6. stable
7. responsible
8. funny
9. not a science nerd
10. tasteful & have nice furniture (see #3 above)
11. I don't enjoy drama unless it's on a stage.
12. I know the Phoenix area well, so I can show you around if you aren't familiar.

Just looking to meet a nice person (age, gender, race, sexual orientation unimportant) to share a room with. Finding a compatible roommate is difficult. Just trying to make it easier. My only request - please be a non-smoker. Thanks to anyone who replies.


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Feb 27, 2006
San Diego
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Hey Scott,
This is Stephanie. We met during the interview. Anyway, I wonder if you are still looking for a roomie. I think we can be a good one. I don't smoke and pretty easy going. I just don't want any drama, like you do and it will be the last thing i want to deal with while in pharmacy school (considering dealing with all those streeses). i m sure we will encounter some probs as time moves on, but as long as we leave rooms for discussion/negotiation, instead of cursing and yelling, we should do just great! I love having people coming over and socialize but i can only handle big parties of guests once in a while but not all the time, esp during our tests.
i m not a smoker, i drink socially, love dining out, movies, clubbing, badminton, surfing, music, concerts...etc . I can be a little messy sometimes but i always keep the public sphere as clean as possible. So far i dun have any probs dealing with my roomies and never had. I am sure you will be a great guy to live with. =)

just let me know soon. take care



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Feb 5, 2007
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Howdy guys

I have an interviewing coming up in a week with CPG. I'm really really really keen on this school oh and would like to become your classmate too ;-). Since you guys have been accepted to the interview, do you have any advice for me? This interview will be my first and I'm fairly new to USA so would really appreciate your help.

I've read other people's postings and know that they're on the alternate list at CPG, this is kinda discouraging as I feel I'm interviewing for another alternate spot. Do you know anything about this? Does CPG have any spots left or is everyone on the alternate list from this point on sort thing?

Thanks heaps
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